Biohazard Services

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You’ll never know when or where you might have to deal with bio-hazard waste, from sharps, bodily fluids, blood, human/animal faeces, and clinical waste. There’s an increase in void property clearances and fly tipping within communal areas.  Carters cleaning offer a specialist service in the cleaning and collection and removal of all bio-hazard materials or waste.


Carters Cleaning specialize in full house clearances, the removal of everything requested. All furnishings, electrical goods etc, we also clear lofts, gardens, and sheds. Our services are environmentally friendly, we are fully licensed to carry waste, we also can supply transfer notes. Our services include needle sweeps, graffiti removal, and pest control. We offer competitive rates, no hidden extras, a 7 days a week service.


Disinfection / Deodorizing / Infection Control

Carters Cleaning use specialized foggers to remove stubborn odours and Infection. Once the source has been identified, we can disinfect, or deodorize, or remove infection, we then use this method of thermal fogging, a high pressure misting, to penetrate the area, or space, this not only destroys the odour molecules, bodily fluids, airborne bacteria and surface based. This method also effectively can remove odour from furniture and clothing, this results in a clean and safe environment.


Void Property Clearance, Graffiti Removal, Odour Removal, Decomposition Restoration, Hypodermic Collection, Insect Infestation, Disinfection & Deodorizing, Infection Control, Removal of all waste, Waste Transfer Notes, Pets Waste Clean-up

Our staff are fully trained we specialize in bio-hazard clean-ups. Training is an absolute must for all our technicians to work safely.

We specialize in bio-hazard: Local Housing Partnerships, Councils, Insurance Companies, Building Companies, Estate Agents, Social Services, and Charities for homeless, Cleaning Firms.

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